Local SEO tips to live by

Companies have seen incredible success with local SEO because they are optimizing websites to their full potential. The trend is relatively new, but allows many to garner interest from potential customers and create a convenient way for people to find their favorite brands online.

As Business 2 Community points out, customers are constantly researching brands online and searching for fundamental, easily accessible information about companies. Hence the importance of local SEO. Instead of making people perform extensive searches for brand information, businesses need to make every effort to get their names out there for consumers to see. The more accessible the brand image, products and services, the more potential customers will be able to interact with them. Taking a relaxed approach to online marketing will not help companies grow. Here are a few tips from the experts to improve local SEO and better inform the public of company products or services:

1. Optimize information
Not only should businesses include their business name, physical address, store hours, or email address on their websites, they should make them appear as attractive, yet straightforward as possible, according to Business 2 Community. Be consistent with posting the company name across sites, always provide accurate contact information and include multiple ways for people to get in touch.

2. Make the company logo stand out
Along with the business name and contact information, there should always be a company logo visible. A well-designed logo will attract prospects and allow them to associate the image with the overall brand.

3. Target different search engines
Business 2 Community also suggests starting with Google, but also optimizing for Yelp for Business Owners, Bing Local and Foursquare. This enables more searchers to find information on and come in contact with companies.

4. Host an event
Search Engine Land suggests interacting with community members by hosting an event and becoming an integral part of the community. An event will bring consumers closer to the brand and hopefully develop relationships with employees or executives, thus improving the company image.

5. Include referrals
A company can do everything in its power to build a strong website and present itself as a reputable source, but it may not mean much if others don't back up the claims. A truly optimized site will include testimonials and positive reviews of the company for searchers to see and read about.