Top 4 Reasons to Improve SEO in Local Search | RevLocal

Surprisingly, many businesses are unaware of the benefits that come with a high Google ranking. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is perfect for bringing your business more leads and customers. In fact, local SEO can have a better ROI than traditional forms of marketing, such as commercials and print ads. Think about it – are you more likely to visit a company’s website to learn about them, or call them because you saw their commercial? SEO can greatly increase the amount of leads brought in by providing business visibility, branding, traffic, a high ROI, and insight into customer behavior.

  1. Business Visibility. The goal of SEO is to have a high ranking on Google, appearing at the top of search results when people search for your products or services. Simply appearing in search results for words that are associated directly to your business is actually very valuable. Think about it – when you search for something, you explore different websites and adjust your search terms. If you see the same business appear over and over again in the search results, you’re more likely to click on their website. Without the right keywords and phrases, you’re risking going unnoticed by potential customers. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: what keywords or phrases would you search?
  2. Increased Traffic. Local SEO will bring more people to your page, inviting them to explore what you offer. This may not mean every person who lands on your page will become a customer, but the chance of a person doing business with you is much more likely.
  3. High ROI (Return on Investment). Because SEO is an inbound marketing strategy, you can market to people specifically when they are searching for the products and services of your business. This means there’s no need to convince someone that he or she needs the product or service that you offer– that’s what that person was searching for in the first place! All you have to do is convince that person that you are the best business that provides that product or service. This is why the ROI of traditional marketing simply doesn’t compare to the high ROI of Internet marketing.
  4. Customer Insight. Google Analytics tracks the valuable traffic that SEO brings in. Google Analytics allows you to easily access data and metrics that provide you with insight to your customers, including how they search, how they browse, their language, their region, and the times they are most active. Why is this important to know? Because with these insights, you are able to create more strategic approaches to your business on-and offline.

Although Internet marketing isn’t the only way to promote your business, in today’s society it seems to be the best way to do so. By optimizing SEO, you’ll see a significant increase in the amount of leads and customers for your business.