Who uses Google+, and what do they look at?

Since its launch last year, Google+ has been the subject of much speculation. Experts have continued to predict how the network will fare against social giant Facebook as well as its effects in the local search marketing sphere.

This week, Google released a statement attempting to bolster businesses confidence in the website, which has been called a ghost town by some experts. Vic Gundotra, Google's vice president of engineering, told the New York Times that the company has in fact never seen anything grow as fast as the network.

As part of the effort to rectify the venture's image problem, Google released figures detailing the social network's use. According to the company, 50 million people actively use Google Plus' enhanced products on a daily basis, and that number jumps to 100 million if measured over a 30-day period, the NYT reports.

Yet the news source points out that these numbers may not be as impressive as they sound, as Google Plus' enhanced products include YouTube, the Android Marketplace and Google.com.

With the figures broken down, businesses may need to refine their strategies on the social network - whether that means posting more videos, creating apps or linking to a business channel on YouTube.