Local retailers forgetting importance of tablet sites

It's become such an oft-repeated phrase that it's probably worn on some local search experts, but mobile is an increasingly large part of local SEO. Businesses that underestimate mobile do so at their own risk, as they might be losing out on potential customers. According to a recent study, consumers who only owned a PC conducted just five local searches a week. However, that number jumped to 21 local searches a week for those with a PC, smartphone and tablet. New research finds that a large percentage of local retailers are missing key local search opportunities by not having a tablet-friendly site.

According a study by ecommerce firm Skava, just 7 percent of retailers have websites that are also compatible when viewed on tablets. The alarmingly low percentage of retailers with mobile-friendly sites is in spite of all the research and expert analysis attesting to the growing importance of tablets in the local SEO industry.

Marketing Land estimated that by the end of 2012, there could be up to 75 million tablet users in the U.S. As research has directed, the more tablets there are, the more local searches are conducted. Skava also cited Adobe research in its own study that said 52 percent of surveyed consumers preferred their tablet over other devices, and 40 percent use tablets more often than their own PCs.