New local search-related app Spindle expands to New York

Foursquare and Yelp just got some competition in another major urban area. The popular companies have recently refocused their efforts to cater almost exclusively to local searchers, but a new app called Spindle has expanded its efforts and represents yet another way for local businesses to market to customers.

Spindle recently announced its app has gone live in New York City, the third such city in addition to Boston and San Francisco. Spindle works by compiling scores of data and feeding it through it systems to come up with timely and relevant updates for local users through a real-time feed. Spindle also makes ample use of social media, meaning businesses wanting to boost their digital presence through local SEO will need to up their social media use if they want to reach new customers through Spindle.

For instance, within the five boroughs of New York, Spindle's algorithms have identified 91,000 social networking accounts owned by more than 70,000 businesses and organizations including 10,400 shops and 8,900 restaurants.

"New Yorkers and the city's visitors can now discover 'what's happening around me,' sharing the same experience," said Pat Kinsel, co-founder of Spindle. "So anywhere in the five boroughs, you'll be able to open Spindle and discover valuable and timely updates from local businesses and organizations."

It also examines the content of the social platform updates by factoring in signals like location, social graph, time of day. Currently, it offers local search feeds for top results, food and drink, shopping, nightlife, deals and discounts.

Users can either search for a business or event using specific terms and keywords, or use a map to zoom in on local business activity in a concentrated area, giving the app a local discovery aspect as well in addition to its local search capabilities. It also enables users to share their activity and which local businesses they have listed as favorites.

Kinsel said that active users perform three to four queries per day, on average, demonstrating the power of local search. He said their data also found that content is key for local searchers: 33 percent of result views generate business page view, 41 percent generate full content view and 5 percent result in likes on social platform updates.