Pinterest experiences biggest growth among social platforms

A good local SEO strategy depends on a varying amount of tactics, one of the most important being social media. Social media, which continues to ride a wave on the coattails of Facebook and Twitter, is being given increasing weight in local search. But to be the best at local social, marketers have to know the best social platforms.

According to the Nielsen 2012 Social Media Report, Pinterest is the hottest and fastest-growing social networking site at present. Pinterest well outpaced the competition by seeing its active user population grow 1,047 percent year-over-year from 2011. Pinterest now has 27.2 million users.

The social networking site that experienced the second-highest growth was Google Plus, an especially important site for local businesses to consider joining. Google Plus usage grew 80 percent year-over year to 26.2 million users.

Even though Facebook lost 4 percent of users compared to 2011, it still boasts 1.52 billion users worldwide. Twitter grew by 13 percent last year, however, its 37 million users weren't enough to surpass Blogger for the title of second-best, which still has 58 million users despite losing 3 percent year-over-year.