2 tips to improve local SEO

Local SEO is an opportunity for businesses to improve their online presence and have a clear advantage over their competition. Prospects are turning to Google to research brands, so it's important that marketers are doing everything to gain visibility with local searches. Online leads can generate a significant profit for businesses as long as their profiles are being seen. Whether it is improving semantic markups, perfecting local search fundamentals or both, it's a good idea for marketers to know their way around local business website optimization. Having an upper hand in the search engine world is key for today's companies.

There is a lot to take into account with local SEO, but marketers can start by making plans to optimize their websites for better local search visibility. Here are two quick ways to do so:

1. Improving authorship markup
Authorship markup is the photo and personal information that shows up on a local Google search, according to Search Engine Land. Make sure to include a photo, important website or company information and make it stand out among the others listed on the search.

2. Including testimonials
Personal stories or meaningful blurbs show users that the company is worthwhile. Include testimonials on the website to make the brand more reputable and attractive in a local search.