AdWords Express offers visibility for less tech-savvy owners

Business owners who aren't familiar with the ins and outs of Google AdWords but still want to improve their visibility on local searches can now use an additional service from the search engine giant, called Google AdWords Express.

According to the company's blog AdWords Express is designed for the less technically savvy business owner who needs help connecting customers to services using organic or geo-targeted keywords.

In order to use AdWords Express, an owner needs to enter basic business and location information. Google will then manage the account automatically, determining which searches should trigger an ad to appear and displaying it when specific keywords are used.

Google had previously offered this service under the name Google Boost in October, and a local listing was required in order to take advantage of the benefits. Search Engine Roundtable points out that Express allows a business to create both a local listing and an AdWords listing simultaneously.

In addition, Search Engine Journal reports that it is not required that a company have a verified Google Places page in order to sign up for AdWords Express.