Citations, organic reviews keys to improving SEO

According to Google, 20 percent of its searches have "local intent," or relate to a local search in some way, Business 2 Community reports. The company believes that number spikes to 40 percent for mobile search.

Thus, in order for a business to stay competitive and remain on the search engine's first page of results, there are certain local SEO tactics that webmasters should stay up-to-date on.

This includes keeping track of citations - or the the amount of times a business' information comes up in search results. This can be done by simply performing a search using a company's name, address and phone number. Getlisted adds that citations are particularly important in less-competitive occupations where service providers typically don't have their own websites.

Furthermore, B2C notes that Google and other search engines value reviews - even more so if they're organic and come from actual customers rather than employees or paid reviewers. Email and social media campaigns can help encourage positive reviews, and reaching out to social communities can inspire feedback even if a company doesn't have a large email database.

Lastly, businesses with multiple locations should create single-location landing pages for each site, as this may improve the chances that all locations rank in local search results.