Google speeds up local search, adds icons

Normally, the only available option on Google's homepage is its search engine bar.

However, Google has enhanced its local search feature on mobile devices by implementing shortcuts for searching local categories such as restaurants, coffee shops and bars, according to Network World.

The options appear directly under the homepage. Now, when users want to find a local spot, they can click on the icon for the destination they are looking for. Google will recognize the person's current location and load a list of specific results in the area without the need to type anything into the search bar.

Mobiputing adds that there's also a "More" icon that provides additional links for quick local searches.

On the results page, markers pinpointing nearby search-specific locations will become visible. After browsing the listings and choosing a destination, Google Maps remains on the top of the screen, guiding the person to the location.

In addition, users can view customer reviews for a listing, as well as its address and phone number.