Google unveils estimated cost-per-bid for better search engine performance

Business owners can use two of Google's new analytical features for AdWords campaigns to determine ideal optimization strategies for optimal local search result performance, Google's Blog reports.

The company's Top of Page bid estimates are the estimated cost-per-click bid necessary for an ad to appear above the first page on Google's search results. This is important because ads that appear above search results typically receive more user clicks compared to ads that appear on the side.

Google also offers a Top vs. Side report that provides a comparison on how ads perform in both positions.

The Top of Page bid estimates are based primarily on quality score and current advertiser competition for specific keywords. Advertisers who win the highest bid will have their ads visible on the top of the page when a search query matches one of their keywords. However, Search Engine Land reports that a high bid may not always be enough to guarantee a top spot.

Bids can range anywhere from $1 to, in rare cases, more than $100.