Keep up to date on local search listings

Companies should understand that local search is an important part of their overall SEO strategy, but it requires them to update their online listings and learn how to improve visibility. While many see local search as essential to spreading brand awareness and garnering visibility within the immediate community, SEO is constantly changing and companies need to keep up.

The recent study by SinglePlatform from Constant Contact showed that 85 percent of companies surveyed say it's important to be seen on search engines, mobile and directory sites. However, only 49 percent reported having ever updated their online listings. In addition, 50 percent actually saw that their listing were inaccurate.

There is a disconnect between how companies want their websites to be viewed by customers or prospects and how they are actually being viewed. Plus, as a majority see mobile-friendly websites as an advantage to the company website, only 25 percent are able to develop a mobile-optimized site.

Business 2 Community says that optimizing sites and making them user-friendly makes researching companies easier for prospects. The faster and easier it is for a person to find information about a business, the more likely he or she will be to contact it in the future.