Local advertising crucial but most marketers don't know how to apply it

The growing influence and widespread adoption of local search strategies have made it clear that more than ever, marketers at all levels are increasingly focusing on localizing their content to not only resonate with consumers, but also enhance their marketing as a whole. However, despite the emphasis placed on local strategies, a recent survey found that many advertisers are still playing catch-up in applying such techniques in their marketing and struggle with mobile.

Brand marketers still in the dark on local
The recent lack of preparedness in regard to local and mobile strategies was recently unearthed in Brand Automation for Local Activation, a report produced by the CMO council.

In it, just 13 percent believe mobile is critically important to local marketing and only 10 percent thought it would become as crucial to local advertising as search and social already are.

However, the survey results come in direct conflict with the overwhelming amount of research and general sentiment that says otherwise. A recent study by YP found consumers with only a PC made five local searches a week. Those with a PC and smartphone upped that number of local searches to 13.5 per week; add in a tablet, and consumer possessing all three devices made 21 local searches a week.

Yet it's not as if marketers are completely glossing over the power of local advertising. Fifty-nine percent of respondents reported they noticed local's essentiality to business marketing was becoming more apparent, but just 7 percent said they were confident they had the capabilities and ability to run such a campaign, suggesting scores of businesses may be in the market for guidance on local SEO.

Some of the reasons marketers felt they were unprepared included lack of resources and bandwidth to keep pace with content demands (57 percent), limited budgets that don't allow for local campaigns (50 percent) and not enough local market intelligence (31 percent).

Mobile still confounding to some
The problems marketers are experiencing with mobile and local search go hand in hand. Overall, 33 percent said they are still in the process of understanding how they can take advantage of mobile opportunities during the next 12 months.

But at least some are making the effort to rectify this situation: 13 percent responded that they were investing in app development that would focus on local intent, while another 12 percent are looking to sync up global and local marketing strategies.