Local search methods increasing sales for global businesses

Companies that have taken an interest in local search marketing and are adapting local strategies to increase visibility are ahead of the game. As the business world looks to create a global marketing strategy, these companies may find themselves stuck with a vast market to cater to. While bigger strategies may have seemed like a beneficial idea in the beginning, marketers are starting to see success with smaller, more concentrated marketing, such as local search.

Marketing Week pointed out that global strategies need a local target. In other words, local is an increasingly important part of how companies should reach their ideal audience. In addition, bigger companies are adapting local testimonials as a stronger promotional tactic. Small businesses can take this into account when building their brands' images within the surrounding communities - there is power in local success stories.

Garnering community visibility requires geo-targeted online display, solid keyword strategies, mobile-optimized sites and special offers for local customers only, according to iMedia Connection. Local traffic has more influence on a business because community members are more likely to connect with the brand and develop a more personal relationship with it. Therefore, understanding and mastering local search is something that all companies need to do.