Reviews key to law firm's SEO success

In order to generate business, a law firm must not only be visible, but the practice must be viewed as reliable and skilled.

Google Places has a reviews section for all registered listings, and positive word-of-mouth can be integral to helping law firms rank higher on local search results, SEO Law Firm reports.

The news source notes that when a firm's profile has a plethora of reviews, it acts as verification of credentials for both Google and those in need of future legal assistance. Google recognizes that the law firm's name, address and phone number are correct, and that it's actively doing business.

In addition, not all reviews necessarily need to be positive in order to be viewed on Google's first page. An excessive quantity of reviews is more effective and three or four quality ones.

The media outlet recommends obtaining more reviews by sending a follow-up email to clients after a completed case and asking them to assess the firm.

Another way to increase ranking and awareness is to create a lawyer blog. A blog that's keyword-rich with high-quality content can create brand recognition and become visible atop Google's first page.