Study: Local search more trustworthy, relevant

The recent Localeze/15miles Fifth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study researched local search's impact on mobile and tablet devices, and compared searcher loyalty to paid listings.

Specifically, researchers found that 86 percent of tablet users have made a purchase on the device via a local search. Smartphone users tend to take advantage of geo-location technology, using local search for products and services in their area while on the go. What's more, 64 percent of tablet users perform weekly local searches, as do 45 percent of mobile phone users.

Researchers found that users generally trust the local results they receive as well. For instance, 58 percent of respondents considered local search more trustworthy than paid search listings, and 61 percent found them to be more relevant.

The importance of relevancy shouldn't be overlooked, as a recent JiWire report revealed that 80 percent of mobile consumers prefer ads that are locally relevant, three-quarters of whom took action based on a location-specific message.

"Marketers have a unique, unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on reaching consumers at the right time and in the right forum while ensuring the sanctity of their business listings," said Jeff Beard, Localeze president. Utilizing services from RevLocal's services to improve the Google page rank of your business' local search listing can help increase visibility and traffic.