Survey: Local search on Google popular among consumers

A recent survey conducted by local SEO specialists BrightLocal aimed to categorize online consumer's search behavior based on their appreciation of local search results.

In total, 1,250 American consumers were asked questions relating to their use of online search engines. The results showed that the majority of respondents - 59 percent - used Google each month to locate a good local business, such as a cafe, bar, plumber or taxi service. Additionally, 31 percent reported that they use Google each week for the same task.

When asked about their feelings pertaining to Google's display of local search results, 71 percent of consumers stated that they valued the information contained on the page. Excluding those aged 55 and older, 80 percent found the information valuable.

A new service provided by the search engine called Business Photos from Google sends professional photographers to take high-quality snapshots of a company's interior, increasing its visibility on local search results. Along those lines, the survey found that 60 percent of consumers give more consideration to local search results that have images as opposed to those that don't.