Antiquated SEO to throw away

Strategies to optimize a website were initially developed not too long ago. However, because the online environment is rapidly changing, evolving and upgrading, tactics to enhance any local SEO campaign are constantly being updated to keep pace.

Thus, SEO strategies that were trending and offering high returns on investment a year or so ago are no longer beneficial to companies seeking an improved online presence today. Companies should work with SEO consultants to ensure they are up to date on the latest and highest-performing optimization strategies so as to increase traffic, visibility and revenue.

What to get rid of
Search Engine Watch recently listed a few outdated SEO methods that companies should stop immediately and replace with more up-to-date tactics. One common SEO misstep involves article submissions. Rather than wasting time and energy on creating online magazine articles, companies should be deploying easily and readily updated blog posts that can build quality links and offer fresh, pertinent content to visitors. Because a blog is a growing component to a website, it will help build credibility, making the website more attractive and trustworthy to search engines.

Press releases that are mostly promotional and offer no real news are also being discouraged. The website explained that a press release offering no new content does not provide a website or the viewer with unique, up-to-date information, and therefore has little value. By adding more promotional text to a website, companies are not improving their search engine results page rankings. Rather, they are simply adding more to the foundation of the website without generating new, fresh content.

Another way content can fail a website is through improper use of automation. While search engines do favor website with both valuable information and high-quality media, automation can often make the website feel generic and not a representation of the individual, brand or organization.  The website explained that automated tools have a purpose on websites and are important. But too much automation can come across as a lack of true interaction between visitor and company. Thus, the website is less unique and original, causing its ranking to suffer.

Finally, a company should not forget about the design of the website and focus only on content and social media. If the website's design is not appealing, easily navigable and representative of the company or brand, then it serves no purpose. Companies must determine how they want to present the product or service offered to the online community, designing a website to express the message of the organization, while also enabling the company to reach more consumers in the digital sphere.