Benefits of SEO analytics

While devising a local SEO strategy is the first and most important step in an online marketing campaign, it is crucial for companies to monitor the performance of their SEO tactics using various analytics.

There are a number of SEO analytics tools that companies can leverage to ensure their efforts are on par with overall company growth goals and performance levels are at their peak. The analytics can support current campaigns or locate weaknesses where changes and alterations should be made. The analytics can also provide valuable data from which to base future campaigns both online and through a variety of media outlets.

ClickZ reported on the many ways to measure SEO such as through ranking reports. Google offers websites a free analytical rundown to illustrate how the website is performing on Google search engines. The free analytics tool identifies what keywords are performing well and what are lacking, as well as how many hits websites are receiving to better locate the target audience online.

After reviewing an analytics report from Google or another source, ClickZ reported there should be some sort of resulting action that should be tracked. A result action can include getting customers to engage with the site, sign up for digital communications, purchase something, submit their information or contact the company directly. The most important thing the company wants the viewer to do after viewing the site should be the No. 1 activity monitored via analytics, and then addressed with changes and adjustments.

In order to measure the success of the website to generate the desired result action, an analytics tool that segments, filters and compares information will illustrate the website performance in a clear concise manner. Users can use the analytics tool to break down searches and viewers by a number of factors to gather specific data and create campaigns to boost the numbers, ClickZ reported.

When deciding which analytics tool to work with, Custom Think recommends considering the most important aspects of an SEO strategy such as keyword placement, inbound link information and social media presence before making a decision.

Many companies opt for analytic tools that not only track the company's data, but also that of its competitors for a direct comparison. Some analytic tools will collect file information and SEO properties for each page on a competitive website in order to help companies see what is working elsewhere and change their website accordingly. Other analytics tools will obtain inbound link information from competitor websites to see what quality level they are, or help brainstorm new sources of links for the company's site, Custom Think reported.