Brands undervalue search

Many companies opting to go without a local SEO campaign are mistakenly underestimating the value of search engines as a means of expanding a client base and increasing sales. The majority of consumers will go online to access information on products, services and brands to meet their needs.

If these companies are not online with a strong web presence and thorough SEO strategy in place, they will not be visible to these consumers and, therefore, lose business. Rather than running the risk of being left in the dust behind more tech-savvy competitors, companies should work with SEO experts to develop a keyword strategy and content creation tactic to establish a strong online marketing campaign.

The Financial reported paid advertisements on search engines does not qualify as a strong SEO campaign. But designing an informative website with authoritative content, social components and a strong keyword strategy will help bring a website from lost in the online abyss to the top page of search engine results. Companies that fail to recognize the power and impact SEO strategies have on a company's success will quickly be outperformed by competitors who took the time to build the online presence and establish themselves in the digital marketplace.