Building off search engine updates

Major search engine Google recently updated its algorithms, which determine how a website ranks against other websites based on a number of factors. The website rankings place the pages in list form on search engine results pages when viewers type in keywords and phrases. The algorithm changes have drastically changed the way many companies will be conducting their local SEO campaigns, placing greater emphasis on organic content and links and less reward for jamming keywords throughout the website.

Evolving with the changes
As a result of the upgrades to search engine algorithms, many SEO experts, online marketing teams and small business owners are adjusting the way they optimize their online presence to ensure continual benefits from previous efforts. In order to maintain or achieve high performance from optimization, including increased website traffic, boosted sales and greater online visibility to consumers, companies must update content regularly, create organic links and place keywords strategically throughout a website.

One SEO expert in Australia explained that many companies that practiced less time-consuming strategies to increase their SEO are now finding their pages unranked by Google algorithms. Instead, the pages have fallen by the wayside because shortcut SEO tricks are no longer being recognized by the updated algorithms, allowing other websites to rise to the top of the list.

Thus, the SEO team outlined some improvements companies that failed to deploy informative content and organic characteristics in their websites can make to help them regain visibility on search engine results pages.

For example, the latest upgrades to Google algorithms rank websites with high quality content better than those with mediocre or copied text. A company looking to improve its rankings should implement a blog that will be regularly updated with fresh, original, pertinent content to provide a source of information or expertise to the viewer.

The keyword usage throughout the website should also be reviewed by companies that suddenly found their rankings to have plummeted. If certain keywords were originally smashed into web pages where they did not belong, or overused to the point of distorting the meaning or message of the content, the updated algorithms are recognizing the scheme and discounting the website for the effort. Instead, keywords should flow naturally throughout the website, only being used when it makes sense in descriptions, blog posts, texts, links and anchor text.