Changing SEO landscape

Online marketers should be aware that SEO trends and best practices are continually evolving. Search engines continue to upgrade their algorithms that determine the value and ranking of websites for each search. Thus, tactics and strategies used to enhance a website for local SEO campaigns must remain up to date with the latest practices to acquire and maintain high rankings.

Changes in SEO
Business 2 Community reported more than 30 percent of companies online experience drastic declines in sales and traffic after abandoning their SEO efforts and leaving websites untouched for prolonged periods of time. If a company fails to update content regularly and actively interact with search engines through adjustments and improvements, they run the risk of allowing the website to become outdated and less valuable to search engine algorithms.

If a website has more than 50 percent of its links showing the same anchor text, search engines will view the website as unnatural and penalize it in the rankings. If online marketers do not understand how to keep websites and SEO strategies up to date, companies should work with SEO consultants and specialists to ensure websites are performing at optimal levels on search engines, Business 2 Community reported.

What to do
For companies looking to maintain their SEO campaigns independently, SEO expert Andrew Redfern outlined some simple ways to regularly boost SEO. Companies should first focus on the speed at which their website performs. If a website or web page takes a while to load, a company can be losing significant traffic and sales to impatient customers who do not want to deal with slow websites. One way to increase loading speed is making sure image files are within a workable capacity and limited the amount of animation offered.

Another tip from Redfern is to add a sitemap for every website run by the company. Sitemaps provide search engines and online visitors with an overview of the website so they can easily navigate and find content, while demonstrating the way pages are linked together. Search engines appreciate sitemaps as a sign of legitimacy and quality in the website.

Fresh content should be a constant priority for online campaigns. Blogs and news feeds offer updateable channels through which companies can provide valuable information and links to other resources on a regular basis without altering the format of the website, Redfern explained.