Combining social media, SEO

One important component of a local SEO strategy is smart use of social media websites and activities as a means to increase brand awareness and boost online credibility. Many companies do not realize that social media plays a role in the success of an SEO campaign, thus, working with SEO specialists can help teach online marketers how to seamlessly integrate the two into an all-encompassing strategy.

Why SEO blends with social media so well
A recent blog post for the Online Marketing Institute explained the relationship SEO and social media have, and how up-to-date optimization strategies and tactics will improve search engine results page rankings and boost online visibility for company websites.

The recent upgrade to Google's search engine algorithms underscored a few changes to the way marketers should approach SEO and online campaigns. One evolutionary change in the industry is the use of social indicators by the search engine algorithms to determine where a website ranks in the search engine results page.

How the two work together
The blog explained that each component, social media and SEO, have a way of supporting each other, offering unique benefits and creating a symbiotic relationship between the two. Social media activities and profiles can help a website's SEO by increasing the quantity and quality of links to the website, helping increase brand mentions on top search engine results pages and providing a channel to boost online reputation and credibility.

Social media also create a wallpaper effect for SEO strategies, allowing companies to dominate an organic section of search results for branded queries, as well as provide a new source of organic traffic and in-depth perspectives on consumer preferences. If a company is able to monitor or interact directly with consumers via social media, they will better understand of what is expected of them in order to increase sales and build trusting relationships with shoppers.

SEO, likewise, is able to help social media efforts by optimizing content on a website or social media platform. SEO strategies are not constrained to just a website, blog or video content. Rather, SEO tactics should be widely adopted across all facets of a marketing department, increasing consistency and legitimacy in branding, helping consumers connect certain terms with a company's product or service, the blog explained.

SEO also enables social campaign content to be indexed and located by search engines to provide a broader reach through which to communicate with a target audience. YouTube, for example, is the largest search engine behind Google. Thus, optimizing video content for YouTube will make branded media easier to find and more visible to consumers to drive traffic and sales, the blog reported.