Comparing landing pages

Social media websites are becoming ingrained in everyday business. Many companies in the process of developing their local SEO strategies often do not understand the complexities of social landing pages.

Business 2 Community reported social media tools have evolved into powerful online marketing tools, making social landing pages a vital component to SEO strategies. When building a landing page for social media activity, online marketers should consider what type of landing page they want to deploy before optimizing the content for search engine results pages. The two most common social landing pages are social campaign landing pages and social hubs.

Social Campaign Pages

According to Business 2 Community, social campaign pages, just like pay-per-click landing pages, are usually designed for ecommerce or lead generation purposes. The pages aim to convert consumer views into purchases and offer a conversion-centric design to boost traffic and sales to a company. When building these pages, companies should test and optimize the page to improve conversion rates, allowing micro-conversion actions, such as a "like" button, to be placed on a different page.

To boost conversion rates on social campaign pages, online marketers should incorporate social proof into the page with widgets to allow viewers to interact with their social network and brand in one location. Once these widgets have been accessed, a thank-you page should be deployed to engage the company and brand with other social sites, Business 2 Community reported.

Social Hub Pages

Social hub pages, on the other hand, allow visitors to connect with the brand socially in a variety of ways. The pages often contain links to other destinations in the social media environment, including YouTube and Facebook, as well as house widgets to display content from remote sites or allow visitors to post comments and interact with the brand.

Social hub pages can transform a social media site such as Facebook into a customizable web page while boosting SEO rankings. The hub pages offer a strong source of brand and product awareness creation as well as customer engagement. On the pages, visitors can download whitepapers, watch videos and ask questions on the services and products available, Business 2 Community reported.

Best Practices Guide

To help companies launching their social landing pages, several SEO experts are creating best practices for landing page development. The guides offer insights into the basics of landing page optimization, how to embrace a consumer in the online environment and ways to test SEO strategies to ensure they are performing at optimal levels. The goal of the guidelines is to provide marketers with a jumping off point for landing page optimization through the experience of SEO experts from a variety of industries.