Creating a content calendar

One important aspect of a local SEO campaign is the continual updating of fresh, relevant content on company websites, social media pages and industry forums. The content should be packed with valuable information, industry insight, interactive calls to action and strong keyword usage.

Because fresh content plays a key role in maintaining a high search engine results page ranking, it is important for companies to create a schedule for uploading new content. One way to manage SEO content activity is through the use of a content calendar. Content calendars help small business owners and online marketing teams organize a publishing schedule so as to create a consistent posting structure.

Without an automated system, companies run the risk of delaying posting until its too late and large chunks of content is loaded at once. By loading numerous blog posts in a single day, leaving other days to have no content updated, companies are not taking full advantage of the SEO benefits of the information. By spreading out the uploads, enterprises will create a more desirable source of information for clients, and search engines will recognize the consistency as a sign of a strong website with a high value. This, in turn, will translate into high page rankings.