Customer interaction generates new ideas

One way to keep a local SEO campaign fresh and up-to-date is through direct interaction with customers.

SEOMoz reported some of the best link building ideas to help boost the search engine results page ranking of a website can come from a company's consumer base. By speaking with customers and monitoring their trends online, companies can start to focus on the wants and needs of the visitors and stop worrying about the competition. By seeing the website and content from the eyes of the consumer, marketers can find gaps in information being presented, as well as activities the company may be missing out on through social media platforms.

To interact with consumers, companies must get social and start asking the right questions to gather constructive feedback. By opening up channels of direct communication between brand and buyer, companies can become inspired for new online strategies while recognizing any problems or disparities in content they are providing to their consumer base.

Once the feedback has been collected and adjustments have been made, companies should feel comfortable to thank the participating consumer and encourage further communication in the future to ensure long-term success.