Dental industry focuses on SEO

Many dentists are starting to launch their own websites and social media channels, engaging in local SEO campaigns to boost visibility and increase their client base in a specific region.

Once dentists have optimized their personal website, launched social media accounts, and created links and blogs to drive traffic, they can pursue directory listings as another way to drive local business. Dental office marketing websites, for example, can geo-target four locations as well as the main dental headquarters for doctors. These websites gather information from dental practices across the country, categorize them by location and then provide consumers with their information when searches are made by geographic location. Having a dental office marketing website relay practice information to a consumer is another way to drive traffic to a company website, increase leads and create awareness in a local community.

Dental marketing professionals should also check out free webinars available discussing how to market to dental customers based on geographic region. The webinars typically feature SEO specialists discussing the many ways optimization best practices can be altered to meet the specific needs and demands of the dental industry. The presentations discuss basic SEO strategies as well as more advanced techniques to dominate a local market or expand into other regions.