Driving local web traffic

Companies launching websites and online stores are not only creating campaigns to attract new shoppers, but are deploying local internet marketing initiatives to target consumers in their region with SEO strategies.

In a recent blog post, internet marketing writer Kim Castleberry said there are tips on how small businesses can increase traffic to their website with just a few tweaks to their online platform. Companies can create compelling headlines full of keywords and eye-catching information. Marketers can draw up informative descriptions of products or services also packed with keywords and other rich media content to drive SEO results.

Companies should also focus on continually adding multi-dimensional content to the website. As search engine algorithms change over time, so too should the information on a website in order to maintain its value in search engine results, the report said.

Regina Vertiz, for BostInno, recommended companies looking to launch a local SEO strategy should first determine where the local audience is found geographically, and then add information about the city, state or community within its online content. This can help improve search engine results and drive traffic.