Expert: SEO providers boost success

At a recent press conference, Andrew Sullivan, an SEO expert, explained the importance of working with an SEO provider for a local SEO campaign, particularly for small businesses. SMBs have limited resources and manpower to devote enough time and effort to deploying a successful SEO campaign.

As a result, many companies will work with SEO experts to develop a keyword strategy, build authoritative content and implement social media tactics to achieve search engine results page success. The strategies and best practices used by the experts can then be mimicked by company online marketers as they work to maintain the website's SEO success over time as industry trends evolve and algorithms get updated.

According to Sullivan, there are two kinds of SEO hosting services available to companies: shared and dedicated hosting. Through shared hosting services, clients get a distinct Internet Protocol for each domain that is shared with other clients, while dedicated hosting involves no sharing.

A popular perk of working with SEO providers is the protection the servers have to add security to the project. SEO servers are housed in protected data centers with 24-hour power supply and advanced security in place. The data centers prevent malicious online applications from hurting the company, while working to boost online success.