Experts weigh in on Google Penguin strategies

Google recently upgraded one of its search engine algorithms, Penguin. The new version has brought changes to the way the search engine browses website content and ranks them for search results. Companies launching local SEO strategies should be aware of the changes and adjust their content and format accordingly to achieve or maintain a high ranking on the search engine results page.

Many SEO providers are also changing their services for clients in response to the updated algorithm. SEO experts are weighing in on the new version and how it will affect SEO strategies, business models and ecommerce in general.

Expert opinion
Online marketing experts and analysts feel that many of the changes to Google's algorithms will have minimal effects on strong SEO strategies. The alterations are being perceived as nothing new - just stronger moves to encourage unique, fresh content on company websites. The techniques being deployed by Google Penguin are in no way unique to SEO tactics or procedures.

Rather, the upgraded algorithm provides more specific examples of what not to do when optimizing a website for search engine rankings. The algorithm is encouraging companies to implement best practices into their online marketing strategies from the start. Marketers should focus on providing unique, quality content, as the algorithm is highly sensitive to spam or unnatural link profiles. A balanced set of inbound and outbound links will be favorable for company website rankings, as well as highly optimized video content that is pertinent and valuable to the presumed viewer.

Improvement from before
SEO experts argue that Google Penguin will actually make optimization easier, with more positive results for teams that put in the appropriate effort. For companies that did not cut corners or try shortcuts with previous SEO strategies, the new algorithm is eliminating people who tried to trick search engines into ranking the website highly, leaving more room for valuable websites with pertinent content.

Search Engine Watch reported the updated Google algorithm has already shut down the rankings of many previously highly ranked websites due to their poor link building strategies. A wedding site, for example, recently experienced significant downgrades after Penguin uncovered its questionable linking scheme and deemed it unnatural and not valuable to a viewer. As a result, the website's rankings have reported significant dips and will continue to drop until a new SEO strategy is in place and the links are to important content relevant to the website's offerings.