Google head transitions to Yahoo

Marissa Mayer, a former top executive at Google, recently accepted the position of chief of Yahoo. Yahoo hopes Mayer will help turn the company around into a more dominant online search and news source, after falling to competitors such as Google and Bing. The appointment may change the way Yahoo operates, affecting local SEO campaigns across the country.

At Google, Mayer started as a computer programmer and worked on white search home page, affecting the way consumers interact with Gmail, Google News and Google Images. Upon reaching the executive level, Mayer headed up Google's profitable search business and became the vice president of Google's location and local services, The New York Times reported.

Due to the great success and popularity of Google's local services, many believe Yahoo might implement similar services under Mayer. Currently, however, SEO strategies may vary depending on the target search engine.

SEO Moves reported Yahoo and Google both value relevant inbound links when ranking websites. Yahoo, however, values the age of a website's domain to help build a reputation to support the value of the website. Under Mayer, many theorize new location services similar to Google+ Local will manifest, providing companies another way to optimize their websites for local consumers and audiences.