How links, comments, listings improve visibility

Link building is a key component to any local SEO strategy, and it and requires time and effort to accumulate sufficient external sources to build up website credibility. The links must be of high quality and relevance to the company website, while offering informative content and resources to the viewer.

One of the most important results of a good link building strategy is greater visibility for the company website not only through search engines but on other websites as well. If the company website's URL is hosted on similar sites and forums, more viewers will see it, driving traffic and business. Most SEO companies work with clients to impress upon them the importance of a strong link building strategy as a consistent way to maintain high SEO rankings and improve company awareness online.

Apart from adding links to a website, blog comments, forum signature links and directory listings can improve overall link building strategies. Business 2 Community reported blog comments on a company website as well as comments on other websites can build up a reputation in the online community and encourage other people to visit and share on the website. Discussions can blossom, creating updated, relevant and social content that boosts SEO rankings. When searching for relevant blogs to comment on, online marketers should start with industry blogs, then search keywords related to the business to find relevant posts.

Business 2 Community also recommends online marketers check out forum signatures to learn the latest news in the industry and meet online peers. Industry forums offer discussion boards and social tools with inbound and outbound link opportunities, as well as locations to meet and engage with like-minded professionals, partners, clients or companies.

Directory submissions are another way to boost link strategies, adding a company's website to a system in which viewers will search by industry, product or service. Online marketers should research the higher quality online directories to ensure the listings are properly optimized by the medium and associated with other credible companies and sources. Some website directories require a fee to be added, while others offer varying subscriptions in price and content shown to the viewer. The directories that require a fee usually implement strong safeguards against spammers who peruse the directories to hit each website repeatedly, Business 2 Community reported.