How to avoid penalties with press release distribution

Press releases are a vital component to a local SEO campaign. The content is informative, factual and typically newsworthy in certain industries. The companies releasing the press releases hope to inform the public with the content, drive traffic to their websites through backlinks and increase brand visibility online.

Companies looking to deploy press release distribution strategies online, however, must take certain precautions to avoid facing penalties through accidental malpractice.

When distributing press releases online, companies must work to avoid repeating keywords too often or else the release will be categorized as spam. Low-quality or free PR websites should also be avoided when sharing press releases, as they cheapen an SEO campaign and reduce the reputation of the company's website in the process. Press releases should never have an automated link-building scheme that will be recognized by search engine algorithms, or be part of a paid link scheme to create link-wheel with the release.

Instead, it is recommended that companies delivering press releases online only publish them on high-quality, trusted PR websites that are frequented by bloggers, reporters and editors. The press release should only contain one link back to the company website with a generic keyword or anchor text, and should not contain any broken links or links to malicious websites that will deem the release unpublishable.