Info on good and bad links

Most companies know that link building is a vital component to any local SEO campaign as a means to establish website credibility and increase pertinent information and sources on the web pages. Unfortunately, not all links are good, as many can actually hurt a website's SEO success if they are from less-than-credible sources or have gone bad/expired.

Understanding search engines
When reviewing links on a website or before selecting links to place throughout content, online marketers should understand the differences between the three types of links: links to help SEO, links that hurt SEO and links ignored by search engines. Not all links provided on websites are considered by Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Instead, search engines will select certain quality links to represent a website and help determine its rankings. The links are categorized as beneficial, manipulative or ineffective by a search engine and then treated accordingly, Search Engine Land reported.

Search engines determine what type of link is being presented on a website using statistics from the link data and other SEO signals collected throughout the website. The SEO signals demonstrate which websites are at normal levels, lagging or exceeding a particular ranking factor or group of signals. Positive SEO signals indicate a website should be operating above average, while negative SEO signals suggest lower performance by the website in search results, Search Engine Land reported.

How to use links
When building links, many companies opt to develop through a directory. Business 2 Community explained directory link building calls for marketers to submit and verify business information for a website dedicated to listing businesses. The directory will then list the information as well as a link to the organic company website.

The way the business information is presented on a directory website varies. Some offer platforms through which video content or images can be uploaded, while others allow customers to communicate with the company via the website. Directories offer an easy channel through which companies can gain new links that are reputable and SEO-boosting. By applying to a directory website, companies can increase visibility, drive website traffic and become more credible to search engines. However, there are some bad directories that should be avoided, as links from them could result in a drop in SEO rankings, Search Engine Land reported.