Investors turn to SEO experts

Aviva Investors recently joined forces with a local SEO strategy provider to manage the development and implementation of its SEO plan for its website. The strategy will focus on on-site optimization, paid search, social media and content marketing tactics.

Aviva Investors is interested in deploying a natural search strategy, including both a content and social media plan, driving relevant traffic to the website and increasing viewer engagement. The goal of the SEO initiative is to help the investment firm engage institutional and retail investors more readily through a conversational hub on the interactive website.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, SEO analyst Robert McAnderson identified some key trends developing in the SEO industry to help companies increase their rankings on search engine results pages. The first, and foremost, tactic is to embed searchable keywords throughout a website's content, tags and video footage. The company must research what terms are being searched by customers looking for their specific products or services, and then find unique and creative ways to seamlessly incorporate the words throughout the website.

It is also vital for companies to update their content regularly in order to maintain a high ranking on a search engine results page. The algorithm search engines use to determine rankings takes into account numerous factors. If the content on a website has been changed and updated recently to reflect the latest information and communications, it will rank higher than content that has been left stagnant for several months, McAnderson said.

Online marketing teams should remember to filter out errors on a website, which can drastically reduce SEO effectiveness. Companies should register with the Google Webmaster Tools and fix any crawl errors that are found. Crawl errors are problems associated with Googlebot's logs when they visit and analyze the website. The webmaster tools show companies what crawl errors have been found so they can fix them and further improve their rankings, McAnderson reported.

For companies on a tight budget that want to boost their SEO slightly without heavy investment, Aaron Egan, another SEO specialist, told the website there are firms that offer micro-SEO solutions for minor adjustments. Many small SEO tasks require minimal work and can be accomplished quickly, helping a small business slowly grow its online presence in line with its current budgetary restrictions.