Keyboard shortcuts for SEO ease-of-use

A local SEO campaign can be an intimidating task to undertake. Many companies have marketing departments, but they have minimal understanding of the latest SEO tactics and online marketing strategies to boost website rankings on search engine results pages. SEO experts, on the other hand, make it their job to stay up-to-date with SEO trends and best practices, enabling them to know the industry tricks that helps small companies compete with large enterprises online.

SEO is easier with shortcuts
One trick SEO experts can share with small companies is the use of keyboard shortcuts to make SEO easier to implement. Within keyboard shortcuts there are two distinct types: system and program. System shortcuts are part of an operating system, while program shortcuts are specific to a program or application.

Search Engine Watch reported system shortcuts allow users to access tools to edit and navigate text with a few keystrokes. Through the use of keyboard shortcuts, company content creators can highlight, edit and enhance information to emphasize keywords and phrases that drive SEO success. System keyboard shortcuts will vary between Microsoft or Windows technology, but offer the same instant benefits to accelerate SEO initiatives online.

System shortcuts also allow users to navigate programs and Windows faster with greater ease-of-use. A few keystrokes can open a new window, move between windows or transition to a new program quickly. These shortcuts can prove beneficial when numerous windows and programs must be opened and accessible to edit and update online content, Search Engine Watch reported.

Likewise, program shortcuts can make it easier for online marketers to navigate through commonly used programs while updating a website. Programs such as Twitter, Gmail, Excel or Chrome offer unique keyboard shortcuts that allow users to interact, update, transition and exit the program quickly and efficiently. One important shortcut to learn for important programs are launchers. These shortcuts instantly start a program for users without forcing them to browse through a list of programs until the desired one is located, Search Engine Watch reported.

Common shortcuts
When operating in Windows Explorer, online marketing teams should be aware of the most common keyboard shortcuts. For example, the Num Lock key and the + sign will display the contents of a selected folder, while hitting the Alt key and the letter P will Display the preview pane. To change the size and appearance of file and folder icons users can strike the Ctrl and scroll down with the mouse, while tapping Ctrl and the , key will rotate a picture counter-clockwise.