Keyword segmentation for SEO

One strategy often overlooked in local SEO strategies is the use of keyword segmentation to create tactics for a variety of search-related purposes and categories.

Keywords can be segmented into geographic regions, aggregated rank data and ranking position based on how a website is performing after initial SEO practices have been implemented. Once keywords have been deployed throughout a website, analytics will highlight which keywords are performing the best and how the website is ranked based on these terms. SEO strategies can then be created around each keyword segmentation in order to appropriately optimize specific keywords across all website and social media content, Search Engine Land reported.

One tool to aid in keyword segmentation practices is Google Analytics. Using the Google tool, companies and online marketers can see how their keywords are being used to drive traffic to the website, and how certain keywords should be implemented more readily throughout the content to boost its performance on search engine results pages, Practical Ecommerce reported.

Under the advanced segments option in Google Analytics, companies can create a new custom segment to break down website performance based on specific keywords for a category. This will help create more accurate, detailed reports on website performance and aid in the continual updating and maintenance of online content and optimization, Practical Ecommerce reported.