Legal professionals invest in SEO

Lawyers across the country are realizing the many benefits of optimizing their websites to attract new clients and grow their practices. By developing and deploying a strong local SEO campaign, many legal professionals are able to interact with clients and peers, engage a new audience of customers and build up a strong reputation online with minimal investment.

Online strategies for lawyers
JD Supra reported law firms are exploring online marketing tactics, hiring SEO experts to improve website keyword strategies, implement useful tools, and measure SEO performance to boost visibility and traffic online.

The most successful strategy for law firms has been to boost up the practice's website, where clients will come to find out important information and gain insight pertinent to a variety of legal issues. If the content on a law firm's website is of high quality, with valuable information and guidance for the visitor, search engines will recognize it as a legitimate site and bump it up on the search results page. The content provided on law firm websites should focus on the lawyers' areas of specialty, allowing each lawyer or the firm as a whole to have a strong voice and speak directly to the public, JD Supra reported.

One way to continually update the website with fresh information and insight is to create blogs that each lawyer or a designated writer can contribute to, addressing common legal issues, various topics in the law professional or ways the firm can help clients with their problems. The blog can provide a source of links to external websites of equally high-quality content, as well as offer a voice to the visitor so they get a better feel for the practice and decide if they want to work with the firm, JD Supra reported.

Best practices
According to Web Juris, online marketing campaigns in the legal profession are becoming commonplace. Lawyers are no longer dependent on face-to-face interactions when acquiring new clients. Rather, SEO techniques and strategies are placing firms in front of consumers online across geographic regions nationwide.

The best way to enhance a law firm's website is to take advantage of legal content writing. Lawyers are known for having to write extensively as part of their profession. Thus, the content on a law firm's website lends itself to be thorough, detailed, accurate and properly sourced. The content can provide insights, recommendations, examples and explanations to answer a myriad of questions a consumer may have or help visitors realize something they did not know, Web Juris reported.