Maximize SEO awareness

Because SEO practices are an ever-evolving art form, many small businesses and marketing departments will call upon SEO experts to help guide them in their strategizing and deployment of digital advertising tactics. In order to make a local SEO campaign truly stand out from the crowd, small businesses should consider working with a third-party provider to learn the tricks of the trade and best practices while gaining industry insight that they can apply for long-term success and website maintenance.

SEO for all departments
What many companies do not realize is that SEO is not only important for marketing teams, but must be integrated across all departments. Enterprises must ensure every employee is aware of the power and importance of SEO strategies and techniques to ensure all in-person and online communications and messages fall under the same plan.

Customer service departments, for example, should have a strong understanding of how the company website and social media pages are being optimized so as to continue on the same path or keyword strategy when interacting with customers and providing support. Because customer service is no longer limited to just a call center, many companies have their customer feedback and company responses posted on their website, social media accounts or blogs.

Often, responses to customer inquiries will be posted as a blog or article in an effort to explain a common misconception that is likely to confuse many customers. These varying venues of customer service provide companies with ample opportunities to further extend SEO practices online, enhancing the keyword strategy and organic content being delivered to the user and positively boosting search engine results page rankings.

Likewise, human resources should also be informed of SEO strategies and tactics being deployed throughout the company. Because potential new hires are searching for job postings online, it is key that any job description being released by the company be made searchable in line with company SEO plans. If a company is looking to hire fast and effectively, they will want a large pool of applicants to choose from in a short period of time. Thus, the easier it is to locate the job posting based on industry keywords and job description terms, the faster the right candidate will be on payroll.