Must maintain SEO strategies

A recent study revealed that companies that implement a local SEO strategy but fail to maintain the efforts for the long term run the risk of losing business and having their search engine rankings decline significantly. Websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing tend to pass over company websites that fail to update their content regularly, making initial SEO tactics obsolete when ignored by online marketers.

Company websites with well-maintained, organic SEO marketing activities, on the other hand, continue to rank highly on search engine results pages, adapting to new search engine algorithms determining how pages will be ranked. Investment in SEO practices and expertise enable websites to exhibit a continuously high level of performance even as algorithms for search engines change and keyword competition increases.

The study revealed websites that deployed sustained SEO marketing strategies increased their Google rankings by 18 percent in 2012, while businesses that failed to maintain their SEO plans declined in Google rankings by 30 percent. Companies must avoid becoming complacent when operating business websites. Instead, online marketing teams should work with SEO experts and seek out appropriate inbound links to maintain high search engine rankings and relevance in content being offered to the viewer.

Other research from Optify showed the No. 1 ranking on Google generates 36.4 percent of the keyword's click-throughs, while the top three sites account for 58.4 percent and the top 10 make up 89 percent of click-throughs. The most common reasons for a websites' decline in Google rankings were an increased competition in keywords without any updates to their own website, changes to the Google algorithms that favor websites with updated content and greater emphasis on inbound links as an indicator of content quality.

Another way to significantly inhibit a website's ability to rank highly on a search engine results page is to delay content generation strategies. Search Engine Journal reported many businesses with limited resources may hold off on producing high-quality content that must be regularly updated to boost SEO and focus more on other priorities until business picks up. However, a strong content plan will increase traffic naturally over time, and SEO rankings is a key component to website success. Without continual content generation, companies will lose traffic and conversions, linkbuilding opportunities, social media connections and branding experiences to become an authority on a topic or industry.