Online strategies to boost SEO, online lead generation

Recent data from Accenture revealed the majority of product research and shopping is performed online. Forrester Research found 67 percent of product sales happen offline, but the most successful product sales are web-driven. Interactive marketing spending is expected to increase from 15 percent of total marketing budgets in 2011 to 21 percent by 2014.

A recent whitepaper outlined strategies many organizations and enterprises are using to improve their local SEO content marketing success and take advantage of the growing trend in online browsing and shopping. The whitepaper created a checklist to help guide online marketers as they accelerate their online development and digital lead generation efforts.

The checklist
According to whitepaper, companies should first select their top 10 keywords and establish an SEO strategy around these terms and phrases. Online marketers can then build content delivery infrastructure on the website, followed by the creation of appropriate content in line with company goals and keyword strategies. The content can then be published and localized, further enhancing SEO success and online visibility.

Joe Austin, an SEO expert, explained that during the content creation phase, companies should consider sharing content as a means to increase online lead generation and engage targeted audiences.

"New and social media sites are an excellent platform on which to publish content because they allow better control of what is published, permit SEO optimization, and are becoming increasingly searchable via the top three search engine," Austin said.

Dental strategies
The SEO checklist can apply to a number of industries including dentistry. The Internal Dental Alliance recently published an SEO strategy for dentists across the country to generate new customers, creating an interactive space through which doctors can communicate with potential patients in real-time. Much like a social media platform, the alliance recommends dentists launch interactive tools such as an online response form that can be sent directly to the doctor and earn the viewer a free discount or promotion.

On the website, dentists can see different tactics and tools implemented on other websites used to drive traffic and improve patient satisfaction. Some dental websites use a new patient smile analysis tool to engage viewers and invite visitors to submit their contact information to set up an appointment. The smile analysis feature can also be shared via social media networks or email to spread the name to other potential customers online.