Optimizing domain names

There has been significant research on the techniques used to optimize a business and domain name. Playing a key role in a local SEO campaign, the optimization of a domain name can vary based on the business or other factors, but the basic best practices remain consistent.

Domain name optimization
SEO Gold reported that the selection of a business or domain name can greatly influence a company's opportunities with SEO strategies moving forward. The entire optimization process can be simplified if a proper business and domain name are selected from the start. Unfortunately, most companies selected their names without considering search optimization opportunities and must design SEO strategies around existing names and intellectual property.

According to SEO Gold, the anchor text of a link to a homepage can easily be optimized to aid in search engine rankings. The anchor text can include a copyright link at the bottom of every company web page, enabling all keywords included in the text to add in the optimization of the business.

When creating the perfect anchor text to link to domain names and web pages, marketers have two options. They can use their business/website name for the anchor text itself, or use the actual URL for the anchor text. If the domain name and business name were selected without considering SEO campaigns, the anchor text will lose its ability to improve SEO efforts and boost search engine rankings on search results pages.

When names are different
One common hurdle companies are faced with when looking to optimize their domain name and home page is if the two have different names. If the domain name and homepage name are different, Search Engine Land recommends online marketing teams take the time to analyze website traffic before moving forward with an SEO campaign.

Companies with different names should determine how the domains forward visitors to the business' homepage. If the visitor is forwarded from one web address to another using a 301 permanent redirect, the website is fully operational and working to improve a local SEO campaign. If the website does not operate this way, a webmaster should be contacted to make the necessary adjustments.

Search Engine Land reported a permanent redirect instructs search engines to take authority from off-site links directed at the company's domain and apply it to the homepage. Thus, the helpful inbound links that may have been dispersed between two domain names will be consolidated into one location for fully-optimized link-building capability. If a visitor is forwarded through a 302 temporary redirect, search engines are not instructed to forward any authority from links, and significant SEO opportunities are squandered.