Optimizing meta for YouTube


There are a variety of best practices for optimizing meta descriptions as part of a local SEO strategy.

SEO Book reported meta description tags appear in the search results page just below the name of the website. The descriptions should be in complete sentences of about 150 characters to preview what the consumer will find if they click on the link. Each meta description should be unique for each web page, complimenting page titles and differentiating the website from competitors.

SEO Book suggested meta descriptions use different word orders and keywords than are used in the page title so as to offer a wider variety of optimized content for the search engine to analyze. Without a meta description tag, website descriptions have no purpose. Instead, Google, Yahoo or Bing will select a portion of the website's content to describe the listing and rank it based on that selection.

When optimizing metadata for YouTube business video advertisements, Reel SEO recommends companies learn the role it plays in video marketing. Metadata provides channels such as YouTube with context clues to explain the content and make it visible to in search engine results. Properly optimized metadata can help video content stand apart from other similar video footage with the same keywords. These descriptions often include locations, the name of a business or what the service is being offered.