Optimizing social media

Some online marketers may feel that social media and a local SEO campaign are two different projects, when actually the efforts can work synergistically to benefit advertising strategies. By applying best practices of website SEO tactics to social media campaigns, online marketing teams can experience significant growth in consumer engagement, visibility and website traffic.

Best practices
Business2Community outlined a few tricks commonly used to enhance the SEO performance of company social media websites, activity and profiles. Because incorporating an interactive feature and social media component onto a company website will boost its search engine rankings, companies should work to be engaged in social media environments. While launching social media profiles and accounts, online marketing teams should remember the SEO rules that prove successful on websites and apply them to the social environment.

For example, the use of niche keywords that relate to the business' name, industry, product or service through a social media page and profile will increase visibility of the online presence to the consumer. The more natural the use of keywords is on the social media account, the more valuable it will appear to search engine algorithms, Business2Community reported.

Furthermore, social media websites provide yet another opportunity for companies to expand their online presence and increase their ability to share relevant, updated and informative content with the viewer or consumer. Just as a website blog enhances the rankings for a page, continual social media interaction and updates improve online visibility as well in the social platform. By posting pictures, launching discussions and offering games on social media websites, companies can boost their rich media content, improve their social media rankings and create a strong reputation as being a source of information in the industry, Business2Community reported.

In addition, social media platforms are the perfect avenue through which links can be acquired from other blogs, social media accounts or industry peers. Because Facebook, Twitter and other sites allow users to share information to turn videos and articles into viral pieces of news, the sharing and transfer of links can be achieved instantly. By providing links to valuable and relevant resources to consumers, companies can build trust and support. The social media account can then be used to release links back to the company website for consumers looking for a new product, service or blog post, Business2Community reported.