Optimizing video landing pages

When first starting a local SEO campaign, many companies will focus on keyword optimization throughout their website copy, adding specific words and phrases pertinent to the business, product or services being offered. These terms are important and play an integral role in determining where the website will appear on search engine results pages, but landing pages for video content are also critical to SEO strategy success.

Reel SEO outlined a list of best practices for companies looking to optimize their video landing pages to improve rankings on search results. Online marketers should first ensure the rest of the website is fully loaded with searchable keywords and terms. Then companies should conduct research on what keywords would best suit the video content based on what is shown in the footage, the target consumer and the business.

Reel SEO recommends companies start this research on YouTube, where marketers can search for a variety of items and topics and see what video content appears for each keyword phrase entered. While searching, marketers can filter the search to see extended results to help narrow down the top phrases to be used for optimization.

Once the keyword search is complete, companies can then submit a video sitemap to Google to ensure the search engine has access to the videos on the website that can be difficult to find. to submit a video sitemap, marketers should create an XML video sitemap instructing the search engine where to go on the website to locate the video content, and a brief write-up of the video itself. The video sitemap can be submitted directly through Google's webmaster tools, allowing the search engine to verify the existence of the video so it can index it for its results pages, Reel SEO reported.

Another important aspect of optimizing video content is adding as many keywords as possible to its tags and content to further boost the SEO strategy. In another piece, Reel SEO explained that keyword optimization for video is just as important as keyword tactics for the rest of the company website. The more accurate and user-friendly keywords and phrases must be selected and used generously with video content in order for the footage to rank highly on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Once the keywords to be used have been identified, the website recommends marketers use a maximum of two keywords for each video or landing page. The keywords should be constructed in the title, content and description of the video footage, usually associated to one another. The landing pages should each have specific keywords on them that allow the page to stand out from other landing pages on the website. The best strategy is to develop a keyword initiative that is simple and clear to avoid clutter or over-optimization, the website reported.