Pandas, Penguins and link building

One important component to any local SEO strategy is building up website-supporting links to and from relevant, legitimate external sources. These links help make websites more informative and constructive for a viewer, thus increasing their ranking on search engines such as Google.

Recently Google adjusted its algorithms that determine where websites should be placed on search engine results pages based on a number of factors, working to eliminate sites that are taking shortcuts to appear more beneficial to a viewer. The upgraded algorithms are called Panda and Penguin, and they can have an effect on companies' SEO link-building strategies.

Adjusting to Panda and Penguin
Search Engine Land reported many companies are altering their current link building strategies to accommodate the change in Google algorithm requirements and expectations. Companies should focus on searching for good links from credible sources with pertinent information and add them to the website. The number of links acquired is less important than the quality of each individual link, and Panda and Penguin have been designed to reward websites focused on quality over quantity.

However, quality of links is not enough. Websites must also display to the algorithms a diversity in link sources and content. Links, just like other website content, should be updated regularly to provide fresh information to the viewer and Google, Search Engine Land reported.

When searching for quality links relevant to a business, industry, product or service, companies should remember all the links do not have to be discovered right away. Over time, while continually updating website content, online marketers will come across more links that fit the business model and SEO strategy. Having to continuously look for new links and content will force companies to maintain fresh websites and boost SEO rankings, Search Engine Land reported.

To help companies and online marketers understand how to develop a strong link building strategy, as well as create the plans around the latest Google algorithm updates, Jon Ball, an SEO expert, put together a webcast to offer his insights. Ball will discuss how to develop a link-building strategy, drive traffic and improve return on investment for SEO plans without breaking budgets.

The webcast will also discuss in detail how to recover from the effects of the upgrades to Penguin and Panda algorithms. Many companies' websites were severely downgraded on search engine rankings when the algorithms were updated. Thus, Ball will help these enterprises rebuild their strategies and work their way back up on the rankings.