Planning an online strategy for increased profits

When setting up an online business model, companies must anticipate developing a local SEO strategy to make the brand more visible to online consumers. But there are several other components to a successful online model outlined by Business 2 Community.

The website reported the first step to creating a successful online presence is selecting an online business model foundation. The online presence can exist to sell products, advertise or provide information to curious consumers. Once the model has been selected, companies can start developing a marketing plan based on the overall goal of the development. Companies should research SEO strategies and keywords to start optimizing their sites, while also looking into pay-per-click options, banner advertising, link building, article syndication and link exchanges to increase traffic and drive profits.

Next, marketers can start building a website. The website should be designed specifically for the target audience. The navigation, language, images and content should all reflect the needs, interests and demands of the company's largest clientele so as to improve the user experience and enhance SEO strategies, Business 2 Community reported.

In a guest blog piece for Forbes, Derek Johnson, founder and CEO of a marketing software company, recommended companies not build up their digital infrastructure from scratch when they first start out. Unless the company is full of IT experts, it is better to purchase templates for many aspects of the website to accelerate the deployment process and take advantage of resources and expertise available to the company.

Companies have their pick of applications and tools to guide them on developing the best website for their needs. These apps can be integrated into existing systems, saving significant time and money on building items from scratch. By working with third-party experts, companies can leverage the resource for information and guidance, while allowing them to manage some or all of various components of the business until traffic and profits start increasing, Johnson said.

Johnson also recommended startups and small companies start developing their SEO strategy from the very beginning. By understanding what tactics are needed to optimize a website before building it, companies can design more efficient models and ingrain keywords and content pertinent to SEO strategies while building the infrastructure, saving time and money. Once a basic SEO strategy has been outlined, companies can develop a roadmap to get the company to the top of search engine results page faster.