Production company works with SEO expert

Studio Center Total Production recently started working with a local SEO firm to develop a strategic SEO plan to better position the company's websites on search engine results pages.

The SEO strategy will not only support Studio Center Total Production's company website, helping it rank higher on results pages, but also be implemented throughout all websites created by the production company.

Studio Center Total Production's new media division is in charge of the creation of hundreds of websites for companies across the country, each one demanding a unique SEO strategy based on their industry, target audience and geographic location. The new media division is also involved in the production of original website video content that must also be optimized and made the centerpiece of a client's SEO strategy.

Another way companies can get help on how to develop and implement various SEO strategies and projects involving social media campaigns is by media releases and guides from SEO experts. These basic guidelines offer industry insight on what companies should focus on and prioritize when establishing an SEO strategy across their websites. The media releases and special reports can help companies understand the value and importance of SEO tactics, and how working with a third-party expert firm can greatly increase a website's optimization to drive sales and enterprise growth.

For example, few companies may understand the new updated Google algorithms that have been put in place to determine where pages rank on search engine results. Old-fashioned SEO strategies will no longer be effective in driving online traffic to company websites. Rather, new tactics including unique content development and stronger backlinks will have a greater influence over a website's SEO, while ploys such as keyword stuffing will be punished.

What well-versed marketing experts understand is that the new Google algorithms are trying to shift the focus of website development and online marketing away from tactics to make websites appear informative. Rather, the algorithms are rewarding companies that actively participate in social media networks, embed social widgets and opportunities on their websites to boost interactivity, and regularly update their social content with unique information to maintain the website's relevance to the industry and audience.