Real estate agents invest in video content

Consumers are continuing to increase their consumption of online video content, prompting companies across numerous industries to integrate videos into their local SEO campaigns. The real estate industry, for example, is using video content to market homes, increase lead generation via mobile devices and increase search engine results page rankings through multimedia SEO strategies.

Agent SEO tactics
Real estate agents are using online marketing platforms such as YouTube to build video content products, list house photographs, create supporting text and add music to create a multi-sensual viewer experience. These videos not only provide the viewer with valuable information and images when determining where to live, but also appear on smartphones and tablets for increased visibility and website traffic. By going through channels such as YouTube, real estate agents are ensuring their video content will be indexed by Google algorithms, allowing them to spend time on developing a strong keyword strategy throughout the video product to obtain a high search results ranking.

"Video is the world's most powerful, pervasive and persuasive medium," said a real estate marketing expert. "The best way for real estate agents to fully promote themselves and their real estate listings online is by using video, and there is no better way to increase exposure to themselves and their listings than with the added SEO power video delivers."

According to Congdon, Google pushes videos to the top of its search results as the pages report higher click-through rates than most standard websites. Due to upgrades to the Google algorithms, videos are getting indexed by the search engine faster, making it easier for companies to have a high-ranking video page in a Google search. For real estate agents, the most productive video content uses hyperlocal SEO tactics with a customized title and description tag to provide valuable information for viewers in a specific location.

Boosting video SEO
In a guest piece for Mashable, Mitchell Harper, co-founder of BigCommerce, explained creating a unique YouTube channel is another way real estate agents and professionals can boost their SEO strategies. Every video posted on the YouTube channel can be tagged and indexed through Google, creating a brand name that the search engine will find legitimate offering continually updated, valuable content.

Harper recommends real estate agents and companies start the development of their YouTube channel by first selecting topics they wish to address in the video content that plays into their overall online marketing strategy. Next, companies should create their videos, edit and post them as a new product online. The video content should then be tagged with specific keywords and phrases to increase SEO success and boost the content's rankings.