SEO boosts web presence across all industries

A company does not have to specialize in a technology industry or cater to a predominantly online audience to take advantage of a local SEO campaign. Rather, the optimization of a company website, and development of a strong online presence, can help any brand from any industry increase visibility, online traffic, consumers and sales.

Many industries are looking to establishing an online profile and website where shoppers from different regions can access brand information, contact the business or seek out products and services from the comfort of their computers or mobile devices. Even if the company does not want to sell anything online, and prefers to offer items in-person, it can still enjoy perks associated with a strong SEO strategy and consistent online presence.

HVAC turns to SEO
Norton Air, Heating & AC in San Bernardino, California, recently announced it will be working with an SEO consulting firm to help elevate its online marketing efforts into the digital age. The SEO specialists will work with marketing professionals at Norton to optimize the company's website to make it more visible to home and business owners in the local community looking for services. The goal of the local SEO campaign is to make residents of San Bernardino aware of the services Norton offers and what options are available to them when they face heating and air conditioning challenges throughout the year.

The online marketing campaign will start with improving Norton's website's search engine rankings. Pew Internet & American Life Project reported search engine use one of the most popular internet activities across the country among all age groups. Each day, an average of 59 percent of internet users in the United States will use search engines to find out information on products and services, underscoring the importance of achieving high search engine results page rankings via optimization tactics.

Therefore, Norton has decided to accomplish its online marketing goals through SEO tactics and website upgrades. The strategy will include incorporating industry and location-specific keywords throughout the company's online content to strengthen its reputation in the region as a main provider of heating and air-conditioning repair services.

"Studies have shown that sites in the top two or three search engine results get the most clicks following the search," states Matt Gallo, a senior internet marketing strategist working with Norton. "Those new site visitors can easily become new customers, once they see what a business like Norton Air, Heating & AC has to offer. In today's digital age, an active and easy-to-locate website is vital in remaining competitive and relevant in your industry."